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Trail, Enduro and Downhil specific bike setup.

Welcome to MTB Geometry Guru. Struggling to get your bike feeling good or looking for a new bike? We have figured out how to get the ideal setup for your mountainbike based on your own personal measurements. There are plenty of websites dedicated to MTB fitting but they are all based around the seated position. What we are interested in is how your bike handles when pointed back down for the fun stuff.
Simply fill in the booking form with your measurements and your current bike or a bike you are looking at buying and we'll tell you how to set it up or even if it is possible to get the bike right for you before you go and spend your hard earned cash.
Go to the "Book Online" tab at the top right. Fill in the booking form with your details. Your numbers will be calculated by one of our analysts and then we will email our recommendations to you.

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We have spent many hours trying to work out why some bikes feel good for some people and not for others and why some bikes feel better than others for us even though the geometry numbers appear very similar on paper. 

After countless hours spent experimenting and testing on a variety of different customers we have developed formulas based on each persons own specific body dimensions and we can get a mountainbike to within mm's of being perfect or at least close enough that then some tuning can be done to make the bike feel perfect. Some bikes we have found to be completely wrong for a particular person and they are never going to be able to get the bike right for them.

We are always chasing our fastest times and compete in enduro racing but don't have hours to spend testing different bike setups like the pro's do so we developed a system of setting up the bike without having to spend hours of testing.

We are not affiliated to any brand so will not try to sway you in any direction. We just give you advice based on the numbers. Different Bikes will suit different riders.

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